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Sabik Is Pleased to Bring to Market the M44H, Long Range Lantern for Lighthouses and Fixed Beacons

M44H is a cost-efficient lantern for applications with high-intensity requirements. It is available in one, two and three tier versions. Modularity allows intensity and product cost optimization according to range requirements at each site.

M44H has wire synchronization and backup functionality as standard features. Several lanterns can be connected as one light system either to increase the intensity, to create beacons with multiple colors or to improve system reliability by having a primary and a backup lantern. M44H is controlled with Bluetooth and due to high efficiency and advanced heat management, it has an exceptionally small footprint and low power consumption.

M44H replaces Sabik’s LED 350H and VLB-92 lanterns.

Summary of features:

  • High efficiency;

  • Compact size and light weight;

  • Small heat dissipation;

  • Bluetooth programming;

  • Maintenance free LED light source;

  • Modular structure for intensity and power optimization;

  • Range 31,5 NM by night and 4,1 NM by day @0.85T;

  • Adjustable day and night intensity;

  • Automatic day and night detection and transition.

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