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Tomboy 22 Fills Niche for Small, Multipurpose Workboats

Brothers Harm and Wieger de Wit of De Wit Workboats based in the Netherlands are responsible for the design of this unique new concept in workboats – the Tomboy.

“We realized that there are very few small dedicated workboats on the market, and we wanted to change that,” explained Wieger.

“You see a lot of light-weight, fast workboats available. However we aim at the audience that wants a steel heavy duty boat which is durable and can serve on projects for many years.”

This smaller version of the Tomboy 26 is lighter and even more suitable for quick on and offshore hoisting, due to its single lifting hook on the steering console.

Tomboy 22 was designed for towing duties, crew tendering or rope running. The containerized dimensions allow for easy transport, and the self-draining working deck and high coaming.

The new Tomboy 22 fills niche for small, multipurpose workboats that make sure that the boat can be safely operated.

Two side keels and transom support provide for easy storage on shore or on a flatrack container.

The standard 60 kW John Deere engine can deliver an amazing bollard pull of 950 kg, with more power up to159 kW is also optional.

The main dimensions are: 6.94m x 2.44m x 1.16m.

Sales and enquiries of the Tomboy are handled by Marine Equipment Services BV from Werkendam, The Netherlands who also operate in the field of supply, rental, renovation and construction of all occurring deck equipment, such as cranes, winches, fairleaders etc. They have the disposal of in-house experience allowing them to advise and assist their customers in designing mooring systems on pontoons and vessels. In a word, anything you find on deck can be supplied by Marine Equipment Services b.v.

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