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Watermota Announce the Rebranding of Their Commercial Marine Engines From DOOSAN to HYUNDAI

Hyundai Heavy Industries’ purchase of Doosan became official recently, this boosted the combined company into the top 10 construction equipment manufacturers worldwide. The new parent company is called HD HYUNDAI INFRACORE and the brand name for marine engines will now be HYUNDAI.

David Merrick, Marketing Director at Watermota commented: “With Hyundai and Doosan's merger you will start to see the transition from the Doosan logo to the new Hyundai logo on our marine engines and parts later this year, this will help build a single and united identity that can be globally recognised by the wide customer base.

“The Tier II / III marine engine range will be exactly the same product manufactured and marinised in the same factory in South Korea with only a logo change to various castings and stickers meaning the high quality and parts interchangeability will not be effected in any way.

“We are very excited to be part of HD Hyundai’s evolution and see a bright future ahead with the merger bringing increased strength combining the joint knowledge of two of South Korea’s biggest manufacturing companies.”

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