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Austrian Company t-matix Links-Up Data from Actisense Products

Actisense, the multi-award winning NMEA specialists, have recently cooperated with Austrian Tech company t-matix solutions to make information gathered by their products accessible online in real-time.

Actisense have collaborated with t-matix so that, for the first time, data gathered by Actisense’s intelligent sensors and NMEA interfaces is now viewable in real-time on t-matix’s expert web and mobile applications.

Based in Graz, Austria, t-matixis an innovative IoT provider offering a highly flexible and scalable IoT platform for multiple industries with drag & drop user experience and native mobile app building capabilities.

Actisense's products capture and store around 156 different types of data from boats, such as water or air temperature, fuel consumption, water depth and a large amount of engine-related data. The cooperation between t-matix and Actisense will allow boat manufacturers, charter companies, service providers and boat owners to access this information via web applications and mobile apps. In addition, they will now be able to benefit from analysis, statistics and live data on their computer or smart device.

Danny Thrasher, Actisense Head of Sales & Operations, said:

“We are delighted with our recent cooperation with t-matix’s international team. They have helped to simplify the way our customers access, view and analyse the vast amounts of NMEA2000 data gathered by our products.”

Markus Kohlbacher, COO from t-matix, said:

“Our flexible and independent Internet of Things platform allow people to communicate with their machines and streamline their processes. Bringing this functionality to Actisense product users, people will be able to fully utilise large amounts of quantitative data.”

Winner of the NMEA 2016 Product of Excellence Award, Actisense has grown considerably in recent years. Reaching around the globe, Actisense works with 70 distributors in 40 countries from the USA to New Zealand, Europe and China. Serving the international marine markets, they continue to search for new ways to enhance their products.

For more information on Active Research and their market-leading marine electronics brand Actisense®, visit:

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