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Sealite is a global manufacturer of marine aids to navigation. The company has manufacturing and office locations in Australia, Singapore, the United States and the United Kingdom.

The Sealite team is dedicated to servicing the marine industry through the efficient design and production of leading-edge products. Through close working relationships, marine authorities and private customers around the globe now trust Sealite to enhance the safety of their operations.

Project Management

Sealite UK are able to Project Manage installations on their clients’ behalf;

• Proposal development and liaison with relevant lighthouse service.

• Equipment configuration and system F.A.T prior to installation.

• Staged work-plans to suit customer requirements or seasonal weather conditions.

• Provision of temporary aids during project construction.

• Adherence to industry regulations.

• Propagation of notices to marine authorities on client’s behalf to suit project phases.


• Site survey.

• System design.

• Support structures and towers.

• Supply.

• Installation and alignment.

• Commissioning.

Installation & Commissioning

On site installation and commissioning of Sealite equipment is available through Sealite United Kingdom Ltd and includes either all or as selected.

• Installation of new navigation aids.

• Buoy deployment and maintenance.

• Civil works of towers and structures.

• Remote monitoring and control.

• Solarisation of existing navigation aids.

• Alignment of precision light sources.

• Lighthouse modernisation.


Sealite UK offers comprehensive aids to navigation maintenance services. Planned preventative maintenance programs are available which reduce the unscheduled costly corrective maintenance required when equipment fails. These programs can be tailored to meet the client needs.

Buoy and AtoN Equipment Leasing & Rentals

A selection of Sealite buoys and AtoN equipment is available for lease or rental;

• Flexible lease/rental periods.

• Full buoy packages available including mooring and all relevant equipment.

• Option to purchase at end of lease/ rental period.


Sealite offers comprehensive navigation aid training programs that can be conducted on site at Sealite, or at client premises.Courses can be customer or product specific to suit client’s personnel levels of competency. Typical training programs include;

• Selection of appropriate equipment.

• Programming and setup of aids to navigation, SIM card AIS units and programmes.

• Selection of appropriate solar systems and/or mains/utilities battery backup.

• Installation techniques.

• Maintenance and servicing.

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