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Neptune Inspection Approved to Offer Remote Inspection Techniques for Close Up Surveys on Ships

Its really still early years for Neptune Inspection, having now been trading for just 3 years. “2020 has been a very challenging year for every business, but difficulties can also throw up opportunities,” says Managing Director Steven Winder. The Covid year has given Neptune Inspection time to sit down and to really listen to clients needs and focus on the future. “We were increasingly being asked to conduct close up surveys using Remote Inspection Techniques, especially on much larger vessels.”

Neptune Inspection took the decision to invest in the Elios 2 drone. Drone technology is rapidly advancing in the maritime industry. The Elios 2 is an attractive option to clients as its use can reduce the need for scaffolding, staged lighting, rafting and avoid damage to tank coatings. The Elios drone is encased by a carbon fibre cage, which makes it collision tolerant, able to absorb shock, and operate safely within complex and confined spaces.

In the current Covid world its also means that the drone operator and class surveyor can work at a safe distance from each other. The drone captures data and imagery remotely which the class surveyor can instantly view on a tablet independently from the drone operator, meaning that they can maintain a safe distance from each other.

Following a heavy going audit process and working with Lloyds Register, Neptune Inspection have been granted permission to offer Remote Inspection Techniques for Close up Surveys on ships and will continue to work with other classification societies to offer the same service.

Steven Winder of Neptune Inspection says, “Drone technology is revolutionising the way we view the world and for a company of our size to be able to offer close up surveys using this technique is huge for us and offers a multitude of options for our clients for whom, time, cost, risk and safety management is of paramount importance. Despite the challenges of 2020, at Neptune we are certain we are entering a more positive era next year.”

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